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8 Signs That Your Roof Needs to Be Repaired Immediately


Homeowners don’t often think much about their roofs post-installation. Unfortunately, this habit comes back to bite them later, as neglecting a home’s roof can lead to severe and costly consequences. Like most things in life, roofs need regular care, and such attention allows homeowners to nip problems in the bud before they become severe.

Here are eight signs that you may need immediate roof repair.

1. Your Roof Leaks

Look out for water stains and consistent standing water. These discolorations indicate that water damage has begun, while standing water means damage is imminent if not constantly occurring. You can look for these signs from the attic in your home, so get familiar with the way it looks now.

Your roof will actively drip water if it leaks, so pay attention when it rains. Water in your roof’s foundation will cause it to expand and contract as it gets warmer and cooler throughout the year. This expansion can prove dangerous, as the foundation and even the metals making up your roof may begin to fail, so it’s critical you address these issues the moment they arise.

With trapped water comes moisture and mildew. In a worst-case scenario, the mildew can spread to other areas of your home.

2. Your Roof Has Damaged Shingles

The elements, along with fluctuations in temperature throughout the years, can significantly harm your shingles.

If you’re in areas prone to extreme weather conditions—like frequent tropical storms or heavy snow and hail—it’s essential to be proactive, replacing individual shingles the moment you notice their damage. In this way, you will ensure the long-term health of your roof, as damaged shingles leave your home exposed to the weather.

Look for telltale signs, such as curled ends, indicating the poor health of your shingles. Like in the previous example, dark wet spots on shingles can spell grave danger to your entire roof. If several of your roof’s shingles have wet areas, it may be time to replace the roof entirely.

Additionally, look for shingle granules in your gutters. In the initial stages, shingles may not always appear damaged; composite and asphalt shingles release their granules as they become worn. Keep an eye out for what looks like coarse, black sand.

3. Your Roof Is Developing Holes

Sometimes, a damaged roof can start to develop holes in the metal within its foundation. Likewise, missing shingles can lead to cavities or gaps appearing in the roof. Isolated cracks may indicate a roof that has been improperly installed.

Sometimes, you may notice streams of light in your attic, which is about as clear a sign as any. If you see holes in your roof, contact a professional roof repair company immediately before the problem becomes dire.

4. You Have an Old Roof

Simply put, an older roof is prone to more issues (especially if you have not properly maintained and looked after it). Additionally, an older roof will likely protect your home less than a more modern build.

You can notice your roof is old when its shingles peel or when you see more water and dust in your home than usual. However, a roof that’s properly cared for can last for decades and even generations—between 30 and 80 years.

5. Your Roof Sags

Unfortunately, this sign indicates failure of the inner structures of your roof, likely due to significant damage. Like many signs on this list, the damage could have occurred due to water and negligence of roof maintenance.

More so than other roof issues, you should take this one seriously, as it poses an immediate danger to you and your family. Call a professional and tend to this issue promptly.

6. Damage to Roof Objects and Openings

Your chimneys, vent pipes, and other openings that pierce through your roof’s structure may deteriorate before the rest of your roof. Stay alert to changes in their structure and signs of damage, as you can save yourself a lot of money in repairs down the line by addressing the issue now. Frequently, the roof repairs can be confined to these areas alone.

7. You Notice Higher Energy Bills

Higher energy bills, despite unchanging using habits, can mean your roof lacks adequate ventilation, preventing warm or cold air from escaping. Sometimes, a roof may be entirely intact and working as intended, just without proper ventilation. This stifling causes your HVAC to work overtime to bring your home to a pleasant indoor temperature.

Solving the ventilation issues should cause your bills to drop, allowing you to use less energy.

8. Your Roof’s Paint is Peeling

If your attic has begun to collect moisture, the humidity can build near the roofline, causing the paint to peel and blister along the side and top of your home’s exterior. While sometimes this problem indicates a gutter system issue, it’s always prudent to have a professional examine your roof for water damage.

Look out for discolored sections of your home’s exterior walls that are grey, yellow, or brown (while they should be another color). Remember to repaint your walls post-repair to restore your home to its original exterior.

Think It’s Time to Repair or Replace Your Roof?

Often, people don’t think of roof repair unless their roof was ravaged by fire or split open by a giant tree during a storm. Thankfully, if you pay attention and schedule regular maintenance appointments for your roof, you can stay ahead of problems before they become dangerous and more costly. While most homeowners learn this the hard way, you can take a preventative approach, allowing you to enjoy your current roof for half a century (or more).

How long does roof replacement take? With Roofer Near Me, the best roof specialists in Atlanta, you can fill the cracks in your roof and prevent further damage in no time at all. Call (404) 738-7288 today to learn more about roof replacement and roof repair before a serious problem threatens your home.

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