Does Insurance Cover Storm Damage to Your Roof?

does insurance cover storm damage to roof

The purpose of your home’s roof is to protect the building’s interior from the elements. Unfortunately, severe storms can be incredibly destructive, leaving you with roof repairs. Inclement weather can strike at any time, so it’s a good idea to have homeowner’s insurance cover the roof repair or replacement cost.

Does insurance cover storm damage to a roof? Many homeowners assume they have adequate coverage for damage due to severe weather. However, you can use the guide below to learn more about storm-damaged roofs and insurance coverage.

Does Insurance Cover a Roof’s Storm Damage?

Severe weather comes in various forms, all of which can affect your roof. Homeowner’s insurance offers financial protection for the structure of the house, including the roof. If the roof sustains sudden damage from inclement weather, in most cases, the policy will cover the cost to repair or replace it.

What Homeowner’s Insurance Covers

Hail may not produce visible damage, but its impact could weaken the roofing material and underlayment, leaving it susceptible to moisture. Though your insurance policy likely covers hail damage and roof replacement with impact-resistant shingles, coverage for water damage may vary. 

Wind, however, can be strong enough to rip the shingles off the roof. A policy will cover wind-specific damages, including wind-driven rain. Some policies will also include coverage for fallen tree limbs that strike the roof due to high winds. 

Lightning strikes can lead to devastating results like fire and smoke damage to your home. Even strikes on trees within the property could damage the roof if branches fall onto the structure. The good news is that nearly every homeowner’s insurance policy includes lightning damage coverage.

Roof Storm Damage That Insurance Doesn’t Cover

Insurance companies have exclusions for the types of storm damage they will not cover. Roof damage from earthquakes or floods is not part of a standard policy. Torrential rainstorms and overflowing bodies of water may be more common than earthquakes, but both situations require a separate policy. 

Even if your roof damage is due to weather conditions that your policy covers, the insurance agency could still deny the claim for repair or replacement. Its coverage limits most reimbursements for roofs over 20 years old and for structures damaged from a lack of maintenance or natural wear and tear.

Get Professional Storm Damage Repair for Your Roof

The short answer to “Does insurance cover storm damage to roof?” is yes. However, coverage limits vary by policy. Before filing a claim with your homeowner’s insurance company, review your policy or speak to an agent to determine if the company will cover your roof damaged due to severe weather conditions. 

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