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Steps for Repairing a Metal Roof Leak

metal roof leak

While homeowners widely regard installed metal roofs as stronger and longer-lasting than asphalt shingles, these roofs are just as prone to leaks as any other material.

While you can repair many small metal roof leaks on your own, it’s always a good idea to look for a metal roofing expert near you if you feel out of your depth. However, if you want to give repairing your metal roof leak a try, the steps in this guide are an excellent way to start.

1: Find the Source

Before you do anything else, try to track down the source of the metal roof leak. You may be able to find it simply by finding the source of the water. However, you may need to climb onto the roof itself and look for clues in many cases. Always be extremely careful when climbing on a roof!

While you’re on the roof, look for anything that could create a leak, such as:

  • Gaps
  • Holes
  • Damaged areas

From there, follow the steps below.

2: Tighten or Replace Screws

Sometimes, something as simple as a crooked or under-driven screw can cause a metal roof leak. An under-driven screw might not have created a perfect seal with the rubber washer below it. Alternatively, a faulty or overdriven screw could have damaged the seal or the metal roofing material itself.

Replace any screws that look too loose or right near the area of the leak while you’re on the roof. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, it may be best to leave this step to a professional.

3: Check for Oxidation

Rusty and oxidized areas can be a surefire sign of a weakening metal roof. Rust can form for a variety of reasons, but you should always address it quickly.

In most cases, you should replace the rusty areas of your roof with entirely new metal panels. However, you may be able to temporarily re-seal some areas with a strong roofing compound or a roof repair patch.

4: Re-Seal Gaps

If you notice areas where your metal roof has warped or peeled away from your home, water could be intruding when it rains or snows. The best way to repair these areas is to use a roof repair patch or urethane roof cement to plug any holes and glue any wayward panels back in place.

5: Call a Professional

If all else fails (or if you don’t feel comfortable going up on your roof to do repairs yourself), you can always contact a professional for help. Roofing professionals like those at Roofer Near Me:

  • Quickly diagnose your metal roof leak
  • Deploy a temporary fix
  • Offer advice on the state of your roof and whether you might need a full replacement.

If you need metal roof repair in Atlanta, GA, contact us today at 404-738-7288 for fast, efficient, and reliable help.

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