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5 Common Metal Roof Problems to Look Out For

metal roof problems

While metal roofing is one of the most durable roofing materials, it’s not immune to damage. Thankfully, if addressed promptly, many metal roofing problems can be resolved without the need for replacement. By understanding what to look out for and when to call a roof repair service, you can save yourself money and reduce your risk of water damage. 

It’s best to either schedule a roof inspection or complete one yourself at least once a year and as needed after storms. Here are the most common metal roofing problems in Georgia:

Oil Canning

If you see what looks like waves in your metal roof, you are looking at oil canning. Oil canning is by far one of the most common metal roof problems as it can occur in virtually any type of metal and has a long list of potential causes. However, oil canning is often tied to improper installation or poor materials. Choosing an experienced installer is vital when it comes to avoiding metal roofing problems.

Scratches and Dents

Metal roofing can also be prone to dents and scratches, particularly from impact damage such as hail or falling branches. While this damage is often cosmetic, it should be evaluated even if you don’t care what your roof looks like. Where there are scratches, dents, or both, there may be full surface punctures—and that means leaks.


Puncture damage may be one source of metal roof leaks, but more commonly, leaks occur at joints and attachment points. For example, failed fasteners, seals, and flashing are all common metal roof problems that result in moisture issues. 

Even if you don’t see actual dripping inside, if the barrier between your home and the great outdoors is breached, you might see more condensation and humidity in your attic, which will cause costly mold problems.


Finally, without proper coating and care, corrosion and rust can become a problem with metal roofing. While most metal roofs don’t have issues with corrosion for decades, those near saltwater, with mixed metal surfaces, or improper coatings may begin to corrode earlier. Metal roofs with unaddressed scratches and surface damage are also more prone to corrosion.

Do You Need Metal Roof Repair in Atlanta?

These are just some of the most common metal roof problems. By far, the best way to ensure your roof stays in top condition is to schedule regular inspections and prompt repairs at the first sign of a problem. Whatever roofing service you need, you can count on the experienced contractors at Roofer Near Me. Reach out to their office at (404) 738-7288 to request a quote or learn more about their metal roofing services.

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